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"Timed" (?) server event



Hi guys,


I'm still lurking around and playing with Intersect (i might even have something to show you soon ...?), and for some time now i've been wondering about doing something without knowing if it's currently feasible with the engine - if not, you might take this post as a suggestion :P


I'd like to make an event that run automatically, whether players are connected or not : more specifically an event that trigger once every 24 (real) hours (or any long period of time). I would use this to check if the player had been disconnected for more than 24h (to give him a reward for coming again, for exemple) or setting limits (such as X quests per hour/day/[period of time]) or whatever might come to mind. Is there a way to do something like this ?


Thanks a lot for helping me with this :)

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