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Hello! Sprite Work Help Needed.


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Hello there guys! I'm looking for a spriter to either join my team or help out with some customization dbz spriting. Will only need Playable(By Players) Characters. I have everything else. I just need Spriting, and paperdolls for sprites. Eyes/Clothes/hats/hairs/armor/gloves/boots/caps and accessories . I need the sprites to do two swinging fist attack animations, Kamehameha hand animations/blast hands animations. Classes are 3, and 3 different race. Saiyans, Namaks, and Majins.


Saiyans need 3 tones, white but some type of tan, tan and dark tan. 

Namakians & Majins default skin needs to be light grayish(All)



Need Girl Hair and Boy hair. I will need designs only on the namaks and majins heads, but body shapes be different between male and female obviously.


How many hairs? bald, Trunks Hair Style, Vegeta Hair Style, Goku Hair Style, Teen Gohan Hair, Adult Gohan, and Future Trunks hairstyle.


Edited: Hair Color default light grayish (All)


If anyone interested let me know below please. Need this to be worth before April. If you don't wanna join our team then I pay you for your work.


Example of what it needs to look like.

Another Example

Video Example


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Learn to sprite. If you're working on a project solo and aren't willing to pay someone for spritework, then you're out of luck. The best thing you can do in this case is to actively grow better at pixelart, and even if you're bad right now, you can trace some pixelart just like Pheno said

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