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Is there a way to make 1 layer of my map editable by players?



Hey, so I just had this amazing dream about a game idea that will help me better understand the new engine so that I can help out Ambard with Ambardia Reborn better, and to just have a few laughs about, so here's what I'm thinking, Ground and Fringe2 will be blocked layers, but Mask1, Mask2, and Fringe1 will all be layers that players can edit, reason being is because the game idea was that there are 1000 maps, all with different terrain, and the terrain is on Mask1 and Mask2, so that players can dig, and the point of the game is PVP, when the game starts, all maps are PVP enabled, but later, players can make safe spots, towns, or cities, all of their own creation, and set those maps to PVP disabled, I have a few more ideas, but I don't want too many answers right now, so can I make only a few layers editable by players? Or any layers?

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