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Basic Info

Hello, Ascension community! I'm on a search for two specific breeds of content writers for The Emerald Observer: journalists and columnists. Please keep in mind that there's no experience required for either of these positions, so long as you're able to do research (if a journalist) and write on a semi-professional level. This means you must be capable of decent grammar and spell-checking, as well as a certain fluency with the English language.


Unfortunately, this is not (as of this moment) a paid position, so you would be volunteering your time towards this. I hope this would change in the future, as I'd like to be able to compensate you for your time and talents, but I currently am unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding.


Please check the bottom of this post to get an updated count on the number of positions available and the descriptions/duties for each available position. You'll also find a link to the application for you to fill out, should you be interested. So long as you're able to write in a coherent and semi-professional manner, you'll be considered. Once you submit the application, I'll get back to you within a couple of days to let you know whether or not you've been accepted. If you're accepted, then we can begin the onboarding process.


We also have a new points system in place. This system currently is just a way to keep track of our best authors, sort of like a ranking system. We plan on adding more functionality to the point system in the near future. Eventually, if I'm able to pull in enough money to where I would be able to pay the authors, then we'll also use the point system as a way to calculate the amount you're due - the more points you accumulate, the more money you'll earn. Again, keep in mind, this particular functionality will only become available when I'm financially able to compensate you.



Onboarding Process

- Once you're accepted, I'll set you up with an author account on the website (still under construction).

- I'll walk you through our process of gathering information for new articles.

- You can begin writing! (seriously, it's that simple)



Available Positions

Journalist (10 remaining)

Gather sufficient information to write a news article on a particular current topic, and then proceed to write that article. Keep in mind that this is not a position in which you would be reporting on historic events (unless they pertain to current events in some manner), so try to ensure that what you're reporting on is within a day or two of the current date. You're free to limit your writings to specific genres of news (politics, economics, etc). There is no requirement on how often you write articles, although I'd encourage you to write at least once per week.


Columnist (2 remaining)

Write a few short paragraphs explaining your opinions on current events, or other such columnist-related articles. There is a minimum requirement of one post per week for this particular position.



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32 minutes ago, Vus said:

What site or medium are we applying for? I dont see any name mentioned anywhere

Thanks for asking! I forgot to add that to the original post, will do so in a moment.

You can find the site at https://emeraldobserver.com/. Please bear in mind that the site is still under construction, so the styling looks a bit horrid right now. I've got a few articles already set up just to test the layouts and work on styling. Since most of those articles are direct rips from other sources, they'll eventually be removed.

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Just putting out an announcement: we've obtained an opinion writer - Sebastian Gaffer (someone I know irl), thus bringing down the number of opinion writers needed.

Still in desperate need of fact writers, (though we have room for a couple more opinion writers if that's your cup of tea). Go check out the application, and shoot me a PM letting me know that you've applied! I look forward to working with you!

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