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  1. Nice Fight system! It will be awesome if the game had a mobile version.
  2. Looks good! But needs more engagement. Unfortunately I'm busy (my own engine), and I'm don't found anything about docs or planned features, this is important when you share your project and hope to have help. I noticed a few security problems, but nothing too serious. I did not have time yet, to see all code. What ORM are you using? You will support multiple databases (NoSQL/SQL)? PS; It's important apply some solids concepts about clean architecture, the folder structure need be improve at some point. Again nice work! bye
  3. Good. I've been work on a engine too. Using vue, phaser in the client and node in the server. Everything with typescript. I will make open source, right now I already have login system, movement, change maps. When I make the basic, it will be open source
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