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  1. Hi! I would like to ask you a few questions about intersect engine, so far I just want to know 2 which are very high priority and I will give why. is it possible to disable pvp mode on some maps?

    (this is because in the city one can wait and pvpear in the city)
    Can in-game gold and currency not be inventory items?
    (this is because I plan to host a host and have an idea of how to prevent duplicate valuable items)

    in truth this program has almost everything working perfect, only those small details would be good to correct in the next version :)

    1. Shenmue


      You should ask your questions in the Questions & Answers section of the forum.


      You have to change the "Zone Type" in the map Editor to "Safe" if you don't want pvp in a map.

      Actually currency is an inventory item and you cannot help that without editing the source.


  2. Hola , mi pregunta es la del titulo porque tengo un host de buen precio que utiliza linux , el host de linux me funciona demasiado bien como para querer cambiarlo a uno que tenga windows ya que desconosco un poco, solo quería averiguar por una guía en español para un emulador y cliente compatible con linux. se agradece si hay una respuesta.
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