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  1. Can we actually purchase the Intersect source? I'd be willing to pay for it, the free release is a while away.

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    2. Gibier


      @Dashplant i double that!

    3. The Bunny Gamer

      The Bunny Gamer

      I will give you 1 bunnycoin, 4 bunnytoken, 10 bunnymoney, 3 bunnynote, 7 bunnycash, 37 bunnybill, 19 bunnycheck, 42 bunnyloot, 6 bunnybuck, 7 bunnycurrency and a free pass to bunnyworld with your next purchase of bunny ice-cream.

    4. buu


      Lmao wtf are you on ^

  2. Hi, I was able to use Resource Hacker to change my game icon, and that's what shows in the explorer, on opening it, it show Intersect Engine for a second in the title, then shows my game name with the old Intersect Game icon. How can I change this? Or is there an Intersect Engine source code?
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