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  1. Today I be finally lifting up a bit of veil about the game I'm making called Arlinia Online.
    Over the course of several months, if not a year at least I've been making myself familiar with Intersect Engine and tried different things and options, but finally came to term with a work flow that resulted in what I have today. Many crashes happened, many mistakes were made, but today I found the courage to finally present you the Starter zone of Arlinia Online, Eria Village.

    I would love to tell you more about it, but that would spoil the content in advance. Though I did not draw any thing you see below myself (unfortunately), for its that were the most mistakes were made  and It did make me forget to realise why I was doing this in the first place, to be actual able to make a video game.

    For now this is all I can or will present to you, but I shall properly introduce the game to this forum as soon as I'm comfortable enough with it.

    Stay safe, stay healthy!



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