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  1. TreasureBox


    Surprised you have no comments thanks for the retrieval i dont plan on using tile sets by others but this will help out those who have downloaded <3
  2. TreasureBox

    Intersect Development Road Map

    I love this engine with all my heart got a beautiful creation non public atm... this has made it easy and i truly cant wait till full release... used a few programs to float the innerds of the exe and some dll's to see what ill eventually be able to edit... Looks amazing wish i could add C# scripts atm... Big plans when it hits!! i just got to creating my account yesterday or today but ive been around since alpha ish got a huge map tons of stuff will post the client eventually! THANK YOU FOR MAKING LIFE EASIER THAN SCRATCH WRITING SERVER TO CLIENT BULL MYSELF!
  3. TreasureBox

    Guards and C#?

    I want to put in a simple flagging system that will trigger guards to attack players. ive been looking through the documentation but i see nothing on adding in C# scripts... only problem is adding it to the database table and into the actual handlers... essentially a player attacks another their name will turn black... and have a 30 minite timer till it sets it back to the default color if they kill said player it will add a "Murdercount". 5 murdercounts = red. (Permenantly) 4 or less there is a timer that will lower the number by 12 hours ingame time. Red or black guards will attack a player in a safe map. Full loot drop on any zone out side a town is unsafe. I want pvp to have a penalty Let me know this is definitely the best engine ive seen "unity engine" is alright but "Intersect Engine" is exactly what i want!