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  1. Yo si aún no es tarde, me ofrezco como programador, con muchos años de experiencia. Un saludo David
  2. Need Help

    Do you still need developers? If so please email me: damobe@gmail.com Regards
  3. If it is not too late, I'd like to collaborate. My mail: damobe@gmail.com Regards David Moñino
  4. Need Help

    If it isn't too late, I'd like to collaborate too in this project. My mail is damobe@gmail.com Just ask for a CV if you need it. Regards David Moñino
  5. Need Help

    I don't know if perhaps is too late, but I'm looking for projects in which I could collaborate. I'm a many years experienced developer. If you're still looking for developers, please ask for my CV. I really like your project and I know I can apport a lot to it. My email: damobe@gmail.com Regards. David Moñino