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  1. sorry to butt in here but am just curious what the purpose would be of memberships and micro transactions in a game engine that is not multi player?
  2. my rl photo is my profile picture but I will post another lol
  3. oh and here is the item pic that goes in items folder
  4. just a little roman style armor i made, place in paper dolls folder
  5. ok thanks
  6. I even chose the config file in resources folder and it still did not encrypt the file but closed out immediately
  7. I realize this is not my post but this question is related. what size is the entire map area? I watched a couple videos on parallax mapping and if i were to paint my landscape in photoshop, how would I put this on my map? and by chance is maps done in tiled program supported?
  8. yea this is great, i downloaded and placed in my server folder now if only i knew what the heck i was doing this would be perfect but i haven't the slightest clue how to work with any of this but i really would like to learn how because i am creating a game i plan to make live once i am done with it
  9. very nice of you to make this and release it. mind telling us exactly which folder we should be choosing the file path for because it closes on me too and i chose the path of resources folder with the file being in client folder where the exe is
  10. so happy, it worked
  11. thank you so much JC, gonna try this as soon as i finish making my grizzly bear sprite sheet
  12. Can someone please explain the steps to me for warping player to another area upon very first login and before the introductory quest is started? I tried doing it using the event but it isnt working so I think i just am not sure what commands to use
  13. also check out they have so so many 2D art and even sounds and music to choose from
  14. this same thing just happened to me as well. I guess my game creation is over until beta 4 comes out because this is a complete game stopper since a huge majority of my game revolves around cooking and other crafting. Hopefully beta 4 will be out soon.
  15. this is very awesome, I will try it like this soon, once i get done setting up my cooking stove to cook all these fish i just caught and I am looking forward to the full intersect guide, I am reading them all and studying all of this so I will be able to make my game awesome. thanks for all you all are doing and for all the help you give everyone, you all are amazing.