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  1. need quest help

    ok but the quest recognized how many of the item i had as that was needed to complete quest and quest completed just fine just didnt take my items away. so maybe this will be fixed in next version?
  2. need quest help

    can someone please tell me what i need to do different to make this work. what I am trying to do is at the end of the quest have the event npc take the resource that was gathered away and then reward the player with some gold and maybe some exp too (haven't added in the reward of the exp yet) problem here is that the resource player gathered for the quest is not being taken away but the gold is being given and quest is ended. quest is working fine but i would like resource that was gathered to be taken so please help.
  3. 4.2 first login event

    ok i just removed that spawn/execution part and now it works perfect, thanks for your help and for being patient with me
  4. 4.2 first login event

    ok I just did what you said and I set the spawn/execution in common event editor to say first login true but it is only doing the Else part of it and not the first part for new players, just welcoming back the existing players, am i doing something wrong?
  5. 4.2 first login event

    Can i please get some help here because all night working at this is getting me nowhere. I created a switch called first login and then I created an event using the first login switch spawn/execution conditions and then to make event say if it is their first login to say some chatbox text telling them how to walk and such and if not their first login just welcome them back to the game but it is just not working because it keeps giving the first login text to everyone even if is not the first login so please can someone help me to know how i should be setting this all up because i even tried changing things around a few times and it just keeps not working correctly. thanks
  6. intersect client will not open

    nevermind, I installed 4.2 and its fixed
  7. intersect client will not open

    ok so I am coming back to intersect, but my client will not open. just curious if i am blocked from using intersect anymore?
  8. Various Dinosaur Sprites

    awesome stuff, thanks for sharing
  9. The Bridge (free to everyone)

    thank you
  10. this would be a good feature for sure
  11. I appreciate all the help. I made me my very simple little quest and will be working on many more too following this guide. I will post back here if I run into more issues.
  12. problem increasing bank size

    awesome, hopefully it will be out soon
  13. thank you so much for your help. gonna follow your steps now for my simple little quest.
  14. event facing direction

    thank you so much, you saved my game. I didn't even know them frames could be clicked on
  15. event facing direction

    Can someone please tell me how to make my event spawned quest npc face in a certain direction cause they all want to face south but I need them to face west. or am i just doing this all wrong and quest npc are not suppose to be spawned using event?