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  1. sounds good now once the crafting bug fix gets released I can actually build my game
  2. ok awesome and good to know, thanks for your answers
  3. are you for real?? I am also using the eclipse engine and their max players is 70 and max maps that can be made is 100. I am anticipating a large game with a very large amount of players so I need to focus on whatever engine will allow massive players and amounts of maps. so what is the max amount of maps that can be made on intersect?
  4. I was wondering what the max numbers of players is set to in source code for intersect engine?
  5. i followed the instructions to upload my zip file and after the upload bar fills up it immediately emptys again and i never get sent the email and I tried on both chrome and internet explorer with same results, is it broken?
  6. awesome thanks, will look for the patcher now, it would really save alot of trouble
  7. can someone please help me with this? I have a couple of players in my game, some friends of mine and when i add new resources and items to my game they can't see them, only i can. Now i know the reason is because the client and resources folders they have do not contain my new images so is there anything that can be done about this other than them needing a new updated resources folder? as I am constantly adding new content and always will even when i think the game is complete, new content will always keep coming to keep interest.
  8. for those who are interested I came across a little workaround for this that will work until beta 4 is released. if you only want your crafting table to do 1 thing like a stove, cook one type of food you can create an event to change item from uncooked food to cooked food. but this will only work if ofcourse there is only one type of food.
  9. nevermind problem solved, to fish or collect resource just keep clicking ground around you and you will catch the fish with one click and with next click pick it up without ever really noticing it was on the ground
  10. i am referring to resources like fishing and your fish coming out on ground instead of going to inventory and the source isn't going to do a non coder much good.
  11. alright, would be nice to have the crafting fix for real. just curious if the 4.0 will be within next 6 months atleast
  12. wasn't sure of a good title for this but is it possible to have items you get go to inventory instead of on the ground under your feet, I guess it would be ok for monster drops to go on the ground if it was dropped under the monster instead of under your character but the problem is resources. When fishing or collecting any resources the item goes under your feet instead of inventory and it cant be seen there unless you move so you really have no clue you caught any fish til you walk away and see it on ground then gotta click all over the place trying like crazy to pick it up. I looked in events but not really seeing any options for the resources to go into your inventory instead of falling on ground.
  13. Just curious if Beta 4.0 is anywhere close to being released. I love intersect engine but the crafting tables are broken and that's the only thing keeping me from finishing my game so am just wondering if there is any sort of a time frame.
  14. thank you so much
  15. I just downloaded Orion and I made a character account Admin but when i try to login to editor it tells me not authorized. So I noticed there is another account that was made first called lol but i removed that account info so it is only Admin left and I still get not authorized when trying to log in to editor