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Need Help Ateon searching for mapper


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Hello, first of all, I want say sorry for my english. It's not my primary language.


So I just started working on "Ateon" game with Intersect engine. I'm currently waiting for open source (you can't do much without it). But until that happen, I can make map, items, npcs etc. Worked with unity before, and with eclipse just for a little while.


Something about game:

You will not find any magic or some similar things. There will be only meele weapons such as swords, axes, etc. Thats one of the reasons why there will not be classes. But no, you can't wear every weapon. You will receive points from levels, points will be spend on "skill tree". In this "tree" will be only things what will give + to ur stats, u will not receive some actual spells from it. You can't have every stat on max, that's why u can't wear all weapons. Every weapon need different stats to allow u to wear it. Same thing goes for armor.

But you can buy, trade, loot, etc. books. And from this books you can learn "techniques". You can learn all techniques but you can't use all of them because you need specific types of weapon to use this techniques and you can't wear all weapons as was mentioned.


So there is no classes, why should someone coop with me?

Let's say there will be two locations. One location with monsters with lvl 1 - 10, and second location with monsters lvl 11 - 20. But, to get into this location you need kill boss of location 1. And this boss will be always stronger then you, thats why you will need someone with you. In every location will be stronger and stronger boss, so you will need bigger party every time. After you reach lvl 10, you will not get exp from mosnter from location 1, so it is useless to stay there.

I said above that there will be "stats" but I didn't specific it. You can have one type "fighting" stat on max. But then you will lose other "non-fighting" stat. With this "non-fighting" stat you can craft weapons, making food etc. (food for restoring HP for example). But why should someone sacrifice "fighting"? Because crafted weapons will be stronger/better then weapons from loots or normal shops. And you can "enchant" this weapons/armors so they will be even stronger on higher lvls.


In a lot of games, when u r in party then u lose some of EXP, because it will split it. I just ask why? Play in party should be fun so why they doing this? So I decided to do this: When u r alone, u will get normaly 100% EXP, but if u r in party with one player, u will get for example 105% EXP, with two palyers 110% EXP, etc...


I have more ideas about what i want to do, but I think this is enough to make some "picture" what this game will be about :)


So if u r interest in this ideas and want help us with mapping, let me know (unpaid) :)


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