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Read First - Recruitment Expectations


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Ascension Game Dev

Recruitment Board

Need help? Looking to join a project? Wanting to offer your services? You're at the right place.


The recruitment board will soon be one of the most active boards here at AGD and because of that we are going to expect higher quality threads here compared to other sections of the site.  Before posting please refer to the current guidelines on how to make an informative post that is most likely to help you find what're looking for.


If you are paying, or are expecting payment add a [PAID] or [$$$] tag in your post title!


If you are offering services/wanting to join a project:

  • Do:
    • Post your skills.
    • Post your experience.
    • Post samples of previous work.
    • Post references (if possible).
    • Post your rates (Working for free? If not, how much do you charge?)
    • Be open to criticism and customer reviews.
  • Don't:
    • Ask to be a mod/admin in someones game.


If you are seeking help for your game:

  • Do:
    • Post the name of your game. (Even if it's a placeholder!)
    • Post the engine your game is built with.
    • Post about current progress (required!)
      • Maybe a Story
      • Current Staff
      • Sample Content (Screenshots, music, videos -- content is the biggest selling point!)
      • Plans moving forward
    • Post what roles you are looking to fill
    • Tell us if you are looking for volunteers or filling paid positions.
    • Tell us what you are going to do!
      • Tell us what YOU have done and what you will do moving forward
        • Being an admin/mod isn't enough.
    • Keep in mind that we all want to make our dream games.
      • Consider how you will convince us to help yours instead of working on ours.
  • Don't:
    • Offer admin/mod positions in exchange for work.
      • You should trust your staff, not random people who might give you a little bit of free stuff.
    • Ask for a team to build your game for you.
      • It won't happen.



Not following these guidelines will result in your threads being moved to the low-effort forum.

If you're topic is moved to the low effort forum it needs to be revised and polished before it will be suitable for the recruitment board. This allows the recruitment forum to remain full of valuable posts and not overran with those that happen to be low effort.  If you're post is moved to the low effort board you have 5 days to revise and fix it. You can then hit the report button and ask us to re-evaluate it and move it to the main recruitment board.  If not fixed within 5 days it will be deleted.  This way only serious projects make it through.



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