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Animated background string generator


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While trying to see if the client's animated background feature could handle 6000-12000 frame (6000 is fine :joy:) I've found out that writing the string could take a lot of time. To do my test I wrote a hard-coded console app which only had the images name and a for loop. Though I didn't seen any resource on the forum that generated those string so I edited it.


Now the console ask the user for the images names, if the first image start at 0 or 1 and the number of images. If you write 0 the last image will end at 10 and if 1 is written it will end at 11 (with 10 images). You can find the generated string in the .txt file that will appear in the folder. I did a test and the .txt  is fine with 12000 generated lines.


Note: The generator doesn't generate the frames duration. Also there's no error exception/catch (I didn't think it was useful since except the name you shouldn't do error ^^) 

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