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How to add a button on main interface that leads to webpage



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Step 1:

You would need to modify the client's source to do this, adding a button to your main menu (Intersect.Client.Interface.Menu.MainMenu.cs), like so:



private readonly Button mWebsiteButton;

mWebsiteButton = new Button(mMenuWindow, "WebsiteButton");
mWebsiteButton.Clicked += WebsiteButton_Clicked;






Step 2:

Then, also in (Intersect.Client.Interface.Menu.MainMenu.cs), add a button event, something like:



private void WebsiteButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Launch browser to ascensiongamedev...






Step 3:

Lastly, in (Intersect.Client.Localisation.Strings.cs , find "public partial struct MainMenu") add the JsonProperty:



[JsonProperty(NullValueHandling = NullValueHandling.Ignore)]
public static LocalizedString Website = @"Website";





Feel free to modify and customize the new button under "WebsiteButton": { , this piece of code will be in your client's resources (yourClient\resources\gui\layouts\menu\MenuWindow.json)


Sadly, you need source modifications to add a new button, so if you have some coding knowledge, load up visual studio and follow the steps above. If not, sorry that I couldn't help you :)

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