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Cheated Game Jam Finished.


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So the mention of Niko's Intersect game jam had me motivated to cheat one. Unsure I'd be free or feeling to do it during a specific date setting. So I started this on the 28th/29th of May and doing this post now near the 3rd/4th of June because it's considered my 7th day of the jam period.


Since I can not host a server, I am uploading both server and client and posting it here for anyone to download and try out. It's on the version Recent in relation to this post.


Feel free to use it for inspiration, knowledge or just the 15 minutes of entertainment, I had documented most of my events using labels for better understanding on what I've done. It's somewhat playable as it's very short in that regard, and not so balanced. Made a tileset edit to 'caves etc' , otherwise everything else is using the Intersect defaults.

Download Here.

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