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Libreplay.fr is a streaming platform created in 2018 that brings together all independent, public domain, and copyright-free productions in one place. Our mission is to allow users to discover original cinematographic and television content while offering an ethical and free alternative to commercial streaming platforms.


To ensure access for all, the majority of our films and series are available for free, without any restrictions. However, for some films, particularly those in the public domain hosted on our servers, registration is required to watch them.

Our platform is accessible on a variety of devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, allowing users to stream films and series wherever and whenever they want. Additionally, our curation team rigorously selects the titles featured on our platform, ensuring optimal viewing quality for users.


If you are passionate about cinema and series and are looking for an ethical and free streaming platform, Libreplay.fr is the platform for you. Discover our catalog and dive into the exciting world of independent and copyright-free cinema.


With over a hundred films and several series, each with hundreds of episodes, we offer an extensive catalog that will please everyone.


Currently, we are upgrading our systems to offer advanced features such as Google Cast (for films not from YouTube), advanced features for registered users such as playlists, viewing history, and of course offering French versions (VF), original versions (VO), or sometimes both in one click.


We hope to continue sharing our love for independent creators and promoting their productions as best we can."


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