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[Tutorial] Z-Dimensions


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Not sure if its been done, but I haven't found it in my search.

Due to my extended absence, as a gift to you, I'm gunna show you how easy and simple it is to use the Z-Dimension property in the Editor!



Date Written: 2/24/2023

Date Updated: 2/24/2023

Intersect Version Used: (BETA 7)



Table Of Contents

1. Activate Z-Dimension

2. Using Z-Dimension

2a. Gateways

2b. Blocks

3. Example




1. Activate Z-Dimension


First, find your Intersect project folder; go into "Server" and then "resources" and find the "config" file.


Open it up and look for the "Map" section.


Insert this line somewhere under "Map" category:

"ZDimensionVisible": true,





2. Using the Z-Dimension

Open the Editor and look in the "Map Layers" panel and find the "Attributes" tab.

Where there normally was a blank space between "Slide" and "Critters" is now your activated "Z-Dimension"



You will see 2 sections involved in your Z-Dimensions; "Gateway" and "Block"



Gateways are tiles used to SET what layer(of three) your character is now on.

E.g: Placing a tile with Gateway "Level 1" will take your character from the default "None" to "Level 1" on the Z-plane when they touch that tile.



Blocks are what stops the player from entering onto a tile it shouldnt, based on its current Z-Dimension.

E.g: You placed a Level 1 Gateway, and your character touched it and is now on Z-Dimension "Level 1". All Z-Dimension "Blocks" of "Level 1" will prevent the player from entering it. "Level 1" Blocks block the player if they are on Z-Dimension "Level 1", and so on.


Hope that makes sense lol


3. Example:

Here, I have setup a staircase to show how this will work.

The player starts on Z-Level "None", and enters "Level 1" at the top of the stairs, so now all Z-Dimension "Blocks" with "Level 1" selected will now stop the character.


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Feature is hidden by default because if you map incorrectly, or have situations where you can warp away (spells or otherwise) while on the higher dimension then your players can end up in areas on the higher dimension where it's not intended... otherwise be careful using this feature and try using it in very small/limited areas.

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Gotcha, I saw that you said there was bugs but havent encountered any, thanks for pointing that out!


Could the warping bug be fixed by placing the desired Z-Level on the destination square, so when they warp they immediatly change to whatever level is set at the destination?

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