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Looking for Work Programmer for hire (paid)

Weylon Santana

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Hey guys! Many here already know me, due to greater reasons, I am accepting paid jobs that involve programming (whether modifying the source with jobs with the intersect API). I've been making small contributions that show I know a thing or two.


My Skills:

Basic knowledge (maybe intermediate) with C#, Javascript, Typescript

Knowledge about the engine and events


My experience:



Maybe I don't have that much knowledge, but I learn fast and I believe I can develop some things. I determine my price based on how much hours i would spent on each system.

But because I'm not a professional in the area, obviously I won't charge the same as a professional, i know my place, and if I am not able to do it I will let you know as soon as possible


If you want to contact me my discord is: Weylon#7909

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