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WIP NorthLands - Battle of Gods [Mobile/PC]


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Discord: https://discord.gg/qcYTKe4Q



Game is under development - NorthLands is a turn-based RPG with a focus on PvP where the player can explore different skills, dungeons, classes and participate in different duels where their choice can make them the most powerful.




Magic once flourished in the lands of Valline, common to the creatures that embraced it. But power always comes at a cost, as those hungry for magic became the undead, and the crazed ones tried to harness it all for themselves. This conflict became known as a war, which resulted in the disappearance of several counties and the union of all peoples into a large empire to survive.


Foretold the Fate of the World

Centuries have passed since then and suddenly these innate energies awaken from their long slumber. However, a new danger arose from Astaroth, a powerful Demon Lord who commands a legion of the undead. Fearing again the destruction of the great nation, King Edgar summoned the best magicians in the kingdom to summon 4 great heroes to help fight the demons. Valine is once again threatened by the flames of war, rumors that a Demon Lord has arisen would ignite a new era of chaos to come.











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