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{ Package: Node} Intersect.TS


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Hello, I present you Intersect.TS.

Intersect.TS is a node.js package(npm) build with the TypeScript techno', for helping peoples to develop their tools/apps/programs using the IE(Intersect Engine) API more easily.

All the rest of the details can be found on GitHub Readme :
AriusII/IntersectTS (github.com)

You can install the package (@ariusii/intersect.ts - npm (npmjs.com)) with this command :

> npm install @ariusii/intersect.ts

For peoples who's don't understand and have some fast questions :

> Same if the techonology used is : TypeScript, this can be use for a JavaScript project.
> To use it you need to install it with npm. (Thanks, to check node.js on google)

> This can be use for a beginner dev'.
> To use it on web, this need some "advanced" knowledge to adapte it.

Thanks to have take the time to read it.
Enjoy it, @AriusII:)

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