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Link map to make the world go round



Hello all ! I'm actually developping a game for which i use another method of mapping here's what it look like.


As you can see the things are done like this : 35 folders (named A to ZI) of 45 maps (1 to 45).

All the maps are linked each others.

The purpose is when i tried linking A1 to A45 from the left tile of A1 it's not possible so my world stay flat ^^. I know that with events i should teleport the player where i want but i'm thinking for those who will pass after me (what ?? no one is crazy enough to do such things ?).


So here is my request (think it could be a cool feature for the engine) can someone handle something that can make the world goes round ?

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Hello, yes that was my idea but it's not possible, the map is already linked to another and the editor doesn't allow to link a map twice. After all it's possible to do the same thing with warp events.

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I think you just link the map each other in editor. Using map grid in editor, just right click adjacent grid box of your current map. It will pop an option to link map, the rest is just pick your map to be link in. For example in your case, the simulate the round world map, just link the north map with south map and do the same to east and west side also. 

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