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Request to create this in the engine and patch it




hey i'm just playing with the engine but i noticed that some things are really poorly done i'll mention a few 
1. the store looks poorly, does not encourage the player a little as well as me. it would be nice if you could add something to it or I do not know what to make it look nicer 
2.Animations in editor are getting bogged down when i use attack skill, animation shows also on me what is wrong of course if i would choose for example heal on me it would be correct but when i attack with skills it is visually weak.
3.Npc editor I would add in editor to have category of rarity level for example Epic/legendary/elite etc.

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If you have any real suggestions on what you'd like to see regarding the shop that'd be welcome.

The UI is a bit poor at the moment.


I'm not a hundred percent sure I really understand your other two questions/statements..


Regarding animations, do you perhaps want an option for an attack animation to play on either the player or the attacked entity?


And as for the rarities you may want to elaborate a little on why you'd want that and what it would do exactly. 

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