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Is this software still fully supported?



I've been looking for a good system for creating an MMORPG without having to learn coding but it seems there's only a handful out there and they all appear to be dead. Is the Ascension system still alive and well? I ask because it looks like the last update was back in 2017. Is this true?

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Nobody ever really bothers updating the homepage (although we've said to a few times)

The downloads page and github pages should tell you there's been activity since then though, as well as the forums.





There's a relatively small to-do list left before B7 becomes the next ''stable'' release.

Although this is all done by people for free in their spare time, so it happens whenever it happens really.


Generally speaking when a major flaw is uncovered we try and fix it as soon as we're aware of it.

So it's definitely still supported.

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