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Randomized Resources? Hide Resources until condition met?



I'm sure this might be possible with some technical/event wizardry, but I was wondering if anyone had a good process for this or dealt with it before - 


For example, let's say you set up a 3x3 grid in your map with a specific resource. By default, when running the game all of these will appear at the same time until the player has depleted them. Is there a way to set only a certain number/percentage of resources to appear at once? For example, you could set it to 50% and only half of the available resource tiles spawn/appear (Until one is harvested then another will pop elsewhere in to replace it.) 


Additionally, is there a way to hide a resource tile if the player does not meet a specific condition? Right now they can still be seen, just not harvested. 







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I think you'd have to edit some stuff to not make them all spawn right as soon as a map is created, but have them spawn with random spawn timers for that.


Same with hiding them, you'd likely have to change some stuff around so the client knows which ones should and shouldn't be visible as right now it just renders them all blindly.

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