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Change Name In-Game



Is there any way to create a common event which allows the players to change their name? I saw an option that says "Change player name" which needs a variable for change the name. Neither i don't know how to use it, or it doesn't works, no matter what kind of variable i make it wont change my name. 


So, in small words, is there any way to make an event which allows the player to change it's in-game name?

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Oh yeah that worked thank you! 


In order to make anyone else who need to do this understand how it is i'll leave a short tutorial there.


As Cheshire said, you have to create a string variable, then create a common event where you will put "Input variable" and then select the string variable you made. (You don't have to put anything into the text box)


Then you put below the input variable a change name and select the string variable you made.


it'll be done! You will only have to put the name you want in the text box will appear to you in-game and your name will change.


Once again thanks for the help Cheshire :D



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