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S.F.S Sea Fishing System 

In last lines I show how to fix some bugs.

Hi i'm ur friend Luk. I'm Braziliian. So sorry my english mistakes.

I'm making online game with Intersect Engine and I am gonna record my progress likes diary to organize and process informations. 

I use Intersect Engine have 8 months and recently i'm sharing my progress and new game systems, so if you have some alterations or tips, pls say it!


Which system type?

This a system to collect resources in manually form, with rod in your weapon slot, working as a weapon projectile. You can randomize as you like the fishes position because their are npcs, and this can be good structured if you use fishes raritys; You can create fishing zones without pvp or monsters as you want, because this system has one control system for some bugs and is connected with map structure. You can define all areas for the rarity you want. The weapon projectile has ten or more range, but its too easy to configure!


What we need for do?

So for that system you have to do  =

- 1x item each fish 

- 1x item for Bait

- 1x item each rarity rod (remembering that each rod rarity can take diference with your range tiles, speed move or maybe rares fishes requirements )

- 1x commom event each fish

- 1x npc each fish

- 1x projectile each rod

- 1x charset each fish and 1x paperdoll for each rod 

1x variable to protect zone.


ITEM -                                                   NPC -                                                        PROJECTILE -

1x Fish lv 1 commom as loot.                    1x Fish LV 1 as 2 hp.                        1x StickRod - 10 tiles retain               

1x Fish lv 2 rare as loot.                              1x Fish LV 2 as 4 hp.                        1x FiberRod - 14 tiles retain     

1x Fish lv 3 epic as loot.                              1x Fish LV 3 as 6 hp.                       1x Golden Rod - 17 tiles retain   

1x Stick Rod as weapon with 2 atk.                                                  ignore colision with map blocks -consume mealbait

1x Fiber Rod as weapon with 4 atk.

1x Golden Rod as weapon with 6 atk.

1x  Meal or Warm Bait as currency.


So i'm proving create some basic idea and system an this is a mine to cristalyze, this is system v0.2 and later I will launch v.0.3! But i will give spoilers for alteration if you want to do after.


MAP - Create one retain line in some beach or river edge to npc enemies cannot pass 6 tiles in front of fishin zone.

Before this add npc fishes in crescent order. "Lv 1 fishes" in 7 to 9 tiles distance, "Lv 2 fishes" in 10 to 14 tiles distance and "lv 3 fishes" 15 to 17 tiles.


Its curious how this system can protect the more rarity fishes in the fishing because even you gonna take one golden rod, you have to can fishing the lastest fishes when the more common still in front of those. And If you want to not put the npc limiter, the initial rods cannot kill one rare fishe because your atk is lower.


Fishing Zone.


The fishing zone have to be protected by entrance/exit trigger event tiles to control the player permissions when uses your rod out zone. So I recommend you use some harbor to do it. 

In this player event you can put graphics of tags or informations for the player knows the zone. 

This event have to trigger one boolean variable to on and off always the player pass in the event. As below



------------------- conditional branch - variable/boolean -- fish - is false?

---------------- yes? so put true when you enter the zone

-------------conditional branch - variable/boolean -fish - is true?

----------yes? so put false when you leave the zone


It is a little commom trigger, but the system is the commom event. 


So, before this you have to go in common events create one event control and put in the Execution Conditions. As here 

-----------execution conditions ------------ variable/boolean - fish-- is false? (entering the zone)                   > autorun <

--------------- conditional branch - stick road is equipped? 

if yes - take one rod of player 

-----------wait 20ms

                    ------gives one same rod for player

                 Message - You are using the rod out the fishing zone! Please unnequip your rod or back to the fishing zone.

     wait 5000ms 

end branch


Now it is done! You can equip your rod in fishing zone and try to fishing some fishes!


SAQ (Currently tests and opinions with your bug corrects)

ASK - Its hard to process when use event commom in autorun, how I change or fix that ?

answer - So if you doing an big open world game so you can change the commom event auto run to put or one map autorun event with the same structure!


ASK - If I put fishing rods as weapon and your projectile ultrapass the block maps, what for do we have to put an control system if the rod can pass the fish beach around and atack players in edge of the zone?

answer - yes i agree, so you can desactive the map blocks ignores. before this take a slide down in every tile that you put block map. So the player cannot access the sea and you cannot atack these pllayers. For my game it not be a problem because some fishing zones is in pvp areas and the rod cannot compete with the most basic sword attributes. 


ASK - Can I use this system without one fishing zone?

answer - if you are veteran in gamedeving, you can see that, the trigger entrance event in the fishingzone can be modified with the parameter that you want. Or you do that or you can create one autorun game map in the map when puting execution conditions the player was in the specificly map and out of there the player cannot use the rod. or you can use the rod as normal item and put variables to fishing every fish, but this destroy the system idea.


ASK - Have another way to control fish rod without time of unnequip from notification message?

answer - Yes! you can create as said above one map event to control this with warp or player movement, and the last way is you create one event next the trigger event, and in this evnt you can negate the player pass;


ASK - can use without any autorun option?

answer- yes you can do it! just create an event one tile next to the event trigger of zone fishing, put when player above. and repeat the same process in commom event said in this tutorial


November will launch lastest version S.F.S Sea Fishing System 0.3v


Basically and for last thing, the lastest version of this system, I will launch complete and fixing all of these bugs and questions. I will send with graphics and fishing SFXs. 






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hi thank you for tip! I agree your idea. As I wrote, if you do not want using autorun you can choose map event to protect. I think is possible because the fishing zone is in sea, edge of map and you can put maps with just ocean tiles for your autorun event distance. 

also the system have a structure to low players fishing. because you can put some harbor or zone in every point. I believe the players can centering in some spawn or event map. one good thing to do if you want some river system. i cannot believe a thousand player can stay around one river and if you try to work this way. i think you can draw a extensive river away the spawn to put one autorun with fishing zone conditions in the center of the river. and maybe you can reduce some lags.


if you really do not like this way. put the variable permission trigger one tile next entrance/exit fishing zone 

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