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M.O.C Map Open Chests!


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M.O.C - Map Open Chests 

- This system is a option to basic opening chests and gives you items likes the Intersect randomic npc loots system.


I think its curious and funniest taking items mode because its allow another players to can theft your items and this enable possibilities to a survival experience mode.


so lets start...


You have to do:

2 items each chest ( Key and Box)

2 animations (Sounds opening and effects in first animation and broken effect on second)

1 NPC each chest ( Chest 4x4 graphics) 

1 Commom event each Chest


*Remembering - You can use this system likes resource system but I want to make this way.


1x Key Basic just currency normal item.

1x Chest Basic ( with usage reqrements  fixed in condition [do the player has basic key?]  and commom event [Basic Chest]) 

Put animation use with your animation effect chest opening.


1x NPC Chest -

HP - 10/30

Mp and each other atributte - 0

So here you gonna put the randomics loots. 

In this chest system you can get all of the items or do not get them. its just percent of probaly drop so if you want the player obtain as 100% of probaly so you can do it.


In death event window you can take another animation for broke!



for ends...

Commom event - (follow our order with no requirments or conditions)

- Spawn Npc (Basic Chest) /around entity -below player -

     - Change Itens - Take Basic Key from player -      (-1 inventory  key)

          -Wait 1000ms 


For this tutorial i risk try to record in English so forgive me if you get confusion by my speaks.. If you dont understand it. Just follow the video parts and read my above tutorial..



Thank you to see my tutorial until here and lets gamedev!!!

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I believe this could consume a lot of resources and give this part "1 NPC each chest + 1 Commom event each Chest " a headache. Look this:

Here you can create several chests, (with a password or not, can customize to remove keys or not), and in a much simpler way, using only one variable (basically).

Nice idea, but not very viable when there are many chests in the world (like 100-500) (I don't know to what extent my idea is also viable, but so far, everything seems smooth, for several chests)

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It is nicee with password and information controller is really great.  


But in games without chests in map or having another chest items my sys can be easy too. 

I want to open many of same chests so this system requires that.

its another form to open our chests without randomic variables systens.

In ma game I am exploring characters communication in diferent modes and this chest system can helps too..


I really loves your chest system so I Think we have two nice system to provide! I really like this!

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