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Add Attack Animation



I saw there is now an option in the dev branch to have sprite animation/cast/attack/shoot/weapon frames.
How would I implement the animations into the game? (i.e. Do I add a new Sprite Sheet or add the animations to the existing one?)



 "Sprites": {
    "IdleFrames": 4,
    "NormalFrames": 4,
    "CastFrames": 4,
    "AttackFrames": 4,
    "ShootFrames": 4,
    "WeaponFrames": 4,
    "NormalSheetAttackFrame": 3,
    "NormalSheetDashFrame": 1,
    "MovingFrameDuration": 200,
    "IdleFrameDuration": 200,
    "TimeBeforeIdle": 4000


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