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problem with the server



hello recently I tried to play with my little brother the game I created but I think the server is not working it shows me its :


"It does not appear that your game is accessible to the outside world.
Debugging Steps (To allow public access):
   1. Firewalls might be blocking connections to your server. Check firewalls on your system. (i.e. iptables, FirewallD, Windows Firewall)
   2. Antivirus programs might also be blocking connections and you may need to add Intersect Server.exe to your antivirus exclusions.
   3. If on a college campus, or within a business network you likely do not have permission to open ports or host games in which case you should explore external hosting options!

It appears that UPnP Failed. Your might need to enable UPnP on your router or manually port forward to allow connections to your server."


how to remedy this problem please??

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There's no problem with the server.
This warning shouldn't be an issue if you want to play with your brother in the same local LAN.
This warning is telling you that the server is unable to start with the default port in the public address. The port is probably closed in your home router by your ISP.

Now... on how to make it in order to open the default UDP port, its really a relative thing, before venturing yourself into hosting anything, you might want to read and learn some basics on networking and how everything works with port forwarding and such. You may be able to do the port forwarding by yourself with enough knowledge, altho, in most of the cases these days, ISP are using a new kind of NAT that won't allow u to locally open up and redirect port connections in your local net (which imo sucks, but oh well, ISPs and their stuff right?), in which case, you may want to give them a call to open such UDP port to X.X.X.X local net IP in your house, in this case, to the terminal device you will be hosting the intersect based game.

Or you could save the struggle and rent some cheap 5$ VPS somewhere for testing / if its only for you and your brother, and host your game over there with ubuntu + mono, but then, you will need some basic knowledge when it comes to remotely administrate servers and services.

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