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Nightmare Weapon Design Contest!


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Hello AGD! WereAlpaca here with a contest for Nightmare. Create a weapon and post it in the Discord channel "Contest Entries"! The winner with the most checkmark reacts from the community gets a prize, as well as second and third place. The rules are simple:


1. No stealing! Create it yourself! (Entries found plagiarizing will receive a ban)

2. The first place winner understands that their weapon will now belong to Nightmare.

3. Try to keep it at a reasonable size, but don't stifle your creativity if you want it to be large.

4. I will polish (if needed) and animate it, so we only need the front facing frame!

5. You have until the 17th (Friday) to post your entry, anything after that won't be considered.

6. 3 total entries allowed.

7. You can create just the paperdoll (the weapon that shows in the players hand) or the icon as well! No icon required though.


1st Place: Weapon skin gets added to the game & User gets a free skin of their weapon + 10,000 Blood Runes

2nd Place: 10,000 Blood Runes

3rd Place: 5,000 Blood Runes



1. If you screenshot the game, and resize it to exactly 50%, you can use other weapons in game as a base to get started.

2. Concept images are hard to translate into pixel art, but references are always helpful.

3. Try using the palette of anything ingame as a reference for your own colours.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/tMFNSfS3

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