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Nice NPC Textboxes



Hi, I'm VERY new to this system, so I was hoping this could help me out.

I want to make a Legend of Zelda Fangame, and I think this is my best bet. I've been learning everything on my own or via YouTube, but I can't figure out how to make NPCs or Events textured to look like NPCs have a textbox similar to those in any of the games in the Zelda franchise or Undertale. I know about the "show text" and "add chatbox text" commands, but those are... let's say, a little on the ugly side. Is there a way to make "nice" NPC dialogue boxes? Thanks!

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I see where you can add custom graphics now, thanks!

I mean "nice" as in out of the way. With the "show text" event, it gives a box of text in the middle of the screen, requiring you to click the "continue" button. Can I move it down near the bottom of the screen, where it doesn't block the view of the NPC, and make it so you don't have to click continue? Can I have the interact button continue the text, like in Undertale or the Zelda games?

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