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item damage and maintenance

Aken Bosch

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Hello all,


I am interested in giving Intersect Engine a spin. I tried to search the forums for 'item damage', 'item maintenance' and 'equipment damage' but got no hits so decided to ask about it in a new thread.


How about item wear and tear and maintenance? I wouldn't want to give players unbreakable equipment e.g. weapons and armors.


Crude example: Like, if you hit the enemy 1000 times with a sword, the sword will break... unless you maintain it in e.g. weaponsmith's shop. Is this supported?




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Not natively, although it doesn't strike me as anything that would be incredibly difficult to implement.


Basic steps to implement it would more or less be like this:

  1. Add ''MaxDurability'' and ''Durability'' properties..
  2. Add Editor field to set maximum durability
  3. Reduce durability on weapons when damaging enemies, reduce durability on armor when hit.
  4. Add option to repair gear.


Gear Durability is generally used as some measure of economy balancing act though. 

Not just to annoy the player, so it does need to strike a fine balance.

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