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Need Help [PAID] Need UI GFX and C# Help


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Hello !


I will start the creation of a Dragon Ball Z project based on Intersect 0.7.


I'm looking first for a UI GFX, who can make all the UI for the game. I can paid, but if you are looking for a project and you are free agent, we can discuss on discord.


And i'm looking too for a C# Developer, i can paid too, but if you want to work with me we can discuss too on discord.


I can paid for all the work, reasonably because i'm a student.


My discord is : ايدن#4230


I will show u the looking of my game and i will explain u what I see for the future of my game.


It's a really serious project, which i spend already a lot of time, but I restart from 0.

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