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Bug Report with 'Guild' system


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Hi there,

So I wasn't sure where to post this on the forums.
But with the current experimental version there's a few things that need fixing in regards to the 'Guild' system.

#1 - Is that a player can be invited to another guild if they are already in a guild.
It should display a message telling the person issuing the invite that they can't invite someone who's already in a guild without them leaving it first.
This will eliminate the issue that if a Guild owner joins another guild then their guild remains, but becomes inaccessible if there's no1 else to invite them back.
Not sure what it does with ownership either.
I had to manually delete a guild from my database when testing.

#2 - We can currently deposit no drop aka (Bound) items into the guild bank.
This should not be possible as it's a way of transfering/trading bound items.

#3 - We can deposit items into bags and then deposit into the guild bank.
This should not be possible especially as we want guild bank space to be limited.
Also by not making bags with items in deposit-able into the bank, then will also eliminate the issue where players could put a bound item in and then into the bank.

Randem Gamor

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Alright thanks I'll report on github when I get chance. Ain't got an account there lol.

Also if someone tries to create a guild longer than the max number of characters it doesn't display the same thing it should when it's under the minimum amount.

I believe the bound items is a bug because bound items shouldn't be able to be placed inside a bank that can be shared by other players. Bags might not be a bug, but it would be nice to be able to disable being able to place bags with items inside inside of the bank.

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