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Strings.cs Stopped building?


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As I was editing my character creation, trying to get tooltips to work for my Checkbox classes, i noticed that after including "System.Environment.NewLine", the entire script stopped updating in the build. I even got a clean version and its still not included in the build. Wtf could have happened?

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So I used a fresh copy of prerelease to test whether the strings in Strings.cs would change. They Dont.


It's REALLY weird to me, because I added strings that read just fine, but I can't change the text of existing strings? I can change it in the source, no problem, but when I boot up the client, no changes are made.


What the hell?

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31 minutes ago, Cheshire said:

Can you tell us what you're doing exactly? I'm not sure what you're editing and then running exactly.


(The strings.cs file is also overridden by the strings files from the resources folder when run)

Ok, that may be my problem, I wasnt aware of that. Let me check real quick


Edit: Yup that did it. Not sure how I missed that but thank you!

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