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Need Help [PAID] LF Full Time Coder


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Here is the basic concepts behind my game - https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5906-shoppe-a-slice-of-life/

Shoppe: A Slice of Life will be a crafting based mmorpg with pve and pvp. The theme of the game is PRODUCTION. Players will run shops while going out on adventures. Most items in game will be crafted by players with resources they find by either gathering, completing quests, pve and pvp. 

I'm looking for a full time ( meaning available most hours ) coder to be my developer partner. I am using the Intersect Engine, so knowledge of it is a plus!!! I do want this game to be done within the next few years, so I decided to hire a Coder while learning to code C# myself.

I have worked on 2d mmorpgs in the past. 

I can pay you for your time (code) as we develop the game (weekly payments) or a percentage of the sales once the game goes gold. 

Only apply if you are serious, and can see yourself developing a game for the next 2+ years. 

Contact me on Discord - TheDDVShow#0283

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