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Where to put player idle, attack, etc... animations?



I can't find this on the documentation, and I don't see this in the editor.

Where do I put my png sheets for my characters? In the Client, while playing, I can hit insert to change a character's walking animation, but I can't figure out where to place sheets, or how to reference them, for various animations.

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These will all go in the Client>Resources>Entities folder. to add the animations just add the "_" + the animation name like below. Then place them in the entities folder and they will work without having to do anything else.








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I have my sprite set up in the client with idle (4 frames), walking (10 frames), and attacking (4 frames) animations.

I created a sword swinging (4 frames) animation.

I then created a sword item through the item editor. I chose the paperdoll animation shown above for my sword swing.

Problem is, there is a constant attacking animation playing whether I'm in idle, walking or attacking.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong here with file locations, names and the item editor.

I currently have
hero.png (all three in the entities folder)

sword_attack.png (in the paperdolls folder)

What I want are the following;

Idle with a sword
Walking with a sword
Attacking with a sword

How do I get those to work properly? I assume this has to do with png locations and file names?

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Can you post a pic of what your item looks like in the editor? 


Also you should rename "hero_attack" to "hero_weapon" and "sword_attack" to "sword_weapon"


Attack is for unarmed combat and weapon is for equipped weapons.


In the item editor you should select Sword.png not the Sword_attack.png.

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