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[Paid] Runescape like skill system




how much it will cost to make a runescape like skill system? By adding a tradeskill book icon on hotbar and it opens the new window showing skills(and levels, experience to the next level) and then clicking on example for mining skill it opens the new window showing picture from level 1 to the max level what can be gathered?

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This can be done via the event system.


You could create an item that will trigger an event and show an Dialoge with options where the customer can browse what shill they want to show their progress in by displaying the player variable. That item can be placed in the hotbar by the player.


I have a similar thing but the players can type "/stats" and show their progression in various custom created skills via the event system.


But if you want to have separate icon like next to Inventory and a totally custom made window then I think it has to be a source edit.

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