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Network Serialization



Hi,  i'm a developer, i am working on a client in unity to make it for pc and android...

(sorry, my english is not very good)


So i have it working almost all in unity but because some things like ceras o json, that us reflextion it is impossible use the compiler on il2cpp.

il2cpp it is the only way to make an apk in 64bit that is a requirement on google play.

So i am currently working on remove ceras and use google protocol buffer to make the serialization... i already change de hailpacket and make it a proto message and it work.

I am planning on changing all packets to this system so i don't need reflextion.

(i make a game in unity with protobuf for serialization and it is great, the game is released and is working for 3 years so protobuf is a good way to serialize data)


If i make the serialization work, do you will be interseting on replace ceras with the code i make with proto?



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