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Any way to adjust paperdoll positioning?



I would like for the shield slot equipment to be responsible for the character's charset. Ideally, I would like the shield slot item to actually change the user's charset while its equipped, but as far as I can see, this cant be done. If it can be done, please let me know.

So instead I tried putting the charsets into the paperdoll folder and assigning them to different shield slot items. That seemed fine, but it doesnt work so well for bigger charsets.

Below is an image in which I am standing in the same spot, once with my sprite set as a large charset, one where Im simply wearing a large charset as a paperdoll.


You can see that when the actual sprite is set as a large charset, the feet end up at the same place as the feet of a smaller charset standing next to it. If i bump into it, the collision makes sense, and it looks like we're standing on the same axis. However, when I wear the large charset as a paperdoll, it centers over my original sprite that is hiding underneath, causing a weird standing-forward look. If I bump into the charset next to me, the collision looks unnatural and I can imagine it will make attacking mobs confusing and annoying.

Is there some way to make paperdoll sprites not center-align, but rather bottom-align. Or better yet, does anyone know how I can make an equipable item change the player's charset, alleviating the issue altogether?

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