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[SOLVED] How to have 2 projects on one PC?



I was working on one game, and I still want to continue it, but I have another that I'd like to work on as well. I feel like switching between the two will keep me from feeling stale. I got a new download of the Intersect Engine, but I found that when I run my new server, its still technically a server for my old game and I can still log in, albiet with missing sprites, etc. How can I have 2 separate projects that I can work on independently?


SOLVED: The issue seemed to somehow lie in an inactive VPN program that wasnt running or providing any VPN service (SaferVPN). After uninstalling it everything worked smoothly. It even cleared up an issue that developed after I posted this thread, where neither server could be established. If you have similar issues, double check your VPNs and uninstall any that might be dormant on your computer.

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3 minutes ago, Joyce said:

Should be two different things, unless you put them both in the same folder.

Only thing that carries over is your client setttings, as those are stored in the registry.

They're separate folders, but now neither can connect. Its giving me this whole thing on both of them now:

It does not appear that your game is accessible to the outside world.
Debugging Steps (To allow public access):
   1. Firewalls might be blocking connections to your server. Check firewalls on your system. (i.e. iptables, FirewallD, Windows Firewall)
   2. Antivirus programs might also be blocking connections and you may need to add Intersect Server.exe to your antivirus exclusions.
   3. If on a college campus, or within a business network you likely do not have permission to open ports or host games in which case you should explore external hosting options!


It was working fine for like a week, and all thats changed is a new copy of Intersect on my desktop. Something got messed up somewhere.

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