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legend of boreal bug



i unlock the protection for the program and same for the firewall

i use my own home network

im network is maked bu videotron and i use helix to used my internet my principal modem is like bu a dlink ac1900

 model dir-878


for the helix

that is a helix gateway so that is only videotron the compagny i use to have my internet who can set the thing there

the is the shotscreen and the link of the debugnetwork page




debugnet command link https://hastebin.com/eviguxomazc94e9cd63a6235bb1bf5c8b647c17665.png

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You  have 2 routers or modems acting as firewalls on your network. 


Intersect automatically forwarded from the inner router  (dlink) to your computer at


You need to connect to the outer router or modem (helix gateway?) and port forward to the inner.


The admin page should be at:


You will need to port forward UDP port 5400 to


PortForward.com has guides for nearly every make and model of device if you wanna search their site for the helix they should be able to tell you how. 


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