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Link to C# reference



Hi All


I am not a C# programmer. I am a javascript, php, perl, classic asp developer.


I am not familiar at all with Visual Studio and the .net framework and I am looking for a reference for Desktop C# that is specific to this engine.


The syntax is not the problem for me, I can reference that and it will take me 2 hours to learn.


My issues is that I have no cooking clue what classes / functions / packages etc.. I need to use with intersect specifically.


A tutorial on this would be fantastic , otherwise just a link would suffice 

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Most classes used in Intersect are custom ones. So no amount of books will save you there I'm afraid. 


Since there's no documentation for every class available I think simply reading through the different areas of the project and trying things is the only way to go about learning about its exact structure for now. 

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