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tutorial on Projectiles please


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The official documentation is great but the projectiles section is empty. I seached but cant find a real how too on projectiles. I played around for a couple hours before giving up and moving on. I created a bow then created an arrow, i created an animation and set it to the projectile. ( i also made the projectile stackable but i cant stack them they just show up in item slots side by side not stacked, and i cant drag one into the other). When i equip the bow and go to shoot a mob the animation plays but nothing travels across the screen. I even set a simple png as a one frame animation and tried it playing with the range, i went up to 4 but it still doesnt travel. also i can be right on the mob and no damage occurs until i unequip the bow and use my default attack. 


If anybody has a how to or better yet a video that would be awesome. this feels like i am missing a really simple thing but without documentation i cant figure it out.





Ok i found this finally. 




So I thought that that tutorial by aesthetic was the solution but I still cant get this projectile system to work. I CAN get a bow to require ammunition, I CAN get the amunition to be consumed when used by the bow, I CAN get the projectile to play an animation when I use it. what I CANT get it the animation to travel, no matter what range or speed I assign to it in the projectile settings it just sits in the tile adjacent to the player sprite. I CAN even get it to inflict damage on a MOB but I have to bump into the mob when I fire so the sprite touched it. I just cant get the animation/ammo to travel … Help it must be something easy im missing. I am trying to work on the bottom layer if that means anything.


Sorry about the multi post, I thought repling to my own posr was a reply not a multi post. I uploaded the images there are 4. all png animation, arrow_ammon, item_bow and projectile. thanks for getting back to me so fast, thought it would be a while....appreciate it. 

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2 things, first, place don't multi post. If you need to add more information add to your existing post per the forum rules. (I am merging all of those this time.)


Secondly we're happy to help, but in order to figure out what's going wrong we need to see your configurations. Please post screenshots of all the options you have entered for the ammo item, bow item, animation, and projectile. You can upload those screenshots to our filehost.

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