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Direction affecting sprite/animation played



Perhaps I am not as well versed with the inner workings of some configuration, however in learning how sprite sheets work within intersect I came across a question.


Is there any way to determine if the character is facing a certain direction, and play a different animation? I have weapon swipe animations that differ depending on if the character faces up, down, left, or right--being able to select an animation for each direction within the weapon or spell interface would be ideal. This would also allow the sprite/animation to be indicated to show below the character sprite layer (IE, facing north) versus above the character if facing south.


This could also be extended. For weapon config and spell config add a conditions animation checkbox that when checked, gives you option to select conditions to play a different animation. Direction Facing would need to be added to conditions. (ALSO, tile standing would be great. Determine the tile that a character is standing on to be a conditional option.)


Not only would this remedy some attack animations, but it doesn't appear that it would be too resource intensive, and would be a feature that was universally useful! If there's something already in play that accomplishes this please educate me!

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