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Players lag



I'm using a host and the players are getting more and more lagged so much that now nobody can get in to get out of the place, my settings are

VPS Global
Processador Xeon Servidor VPS    8 vCORE
Intel E3/E5/I7    12gb    100Gb SSD         1Gbps Burst

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I found a solution.

I had to change these settings, increase the values



  "EventWatchdogKillThreshold": 5000, ---- THIS
  "ValidPasswordResetTimeMinutes": 30,
  "Security": {
    "PacketFlooding": {
      "FloodThreshholds": {
        "MaxPacketSize": 100240,   ---- THIS
        "MaxPacketPerSec": 10, ---- THIS
        "KickAvgPacketPerSec": 3
      "EditorFloodThreshholds": {
        "MaxPacketSize": 2147483647,
        "MaxPacketPerSec": 2147483647,
        "KickAvgPacketPerSec": 2147483647
      "PlayerFloodThreshholds": {
        "MaxPacketSize": 100520, ---- THIS
        "MaxPacketPerSec": 220, ---- THIS
        "KickAvgPacketPerSec": 220 ---- THIS


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Processador Xeon Servidor VPS 8 vCORE Intel E3/E5/I7 is not really specific, that's 3 different types of processor, doing a google search led me to this host: https://bhservers.com.br/vps-linux (which is down atm, for you too?)


got logs?

I saw in your earlier help requests that you had lots of flood burst packets, these can cause some serious lag to your server and/or players, even crash their router/modem


or server statistics?







Would help with finding the bottleneck.


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Where is the server located?

also, from where are the majority of players?

I once hosted and my server based in Singapore, and people from NA got 250ms and they do get rollback sometimes (What I mean by rollback, is like sometimes when they walk from A place to B place. After arriving at B Place, suddenly they're back to the A place.) but for the people that are in the SEA region like me, they have good ping around 5-50ms. and also smooth gameplay ^^ It's not because the Server spec I think but from the connection, not all people have good connection for global server I think xD. correct me if i'm wrong.

My server spec was:

1 vCPU


35 GB SSD Disk

750 GB Bandwidth

1Gbps Connection

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