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Black Screen after a try to join the host



Hi everyone, I have the following problem:   When I try to connect to a friend’s server (which is online), I get a black screen after registering and selecting a character. But the menus, options, buttons work properly, and after choosing a character, something like soft dissolution appears, and then just a black screen without a map / HUD / anything in the game.   We tried the default connection and Hamachi. He opened the ports, we both turned off the firewall / any antivirus, and, as I said, tried to use Hamachi, but to no avail. He also saw that I successfully connected to the server, I stood in the game on the server and a friend saw the character, it also wrote in the chat of the game, but I had a black screen: P   Also installed the latest version of Framework, 4.7, the latest versions of java, flash, nvidia and directX drivers, so I have no idea why this is happening ... Help, if you know how to fix this, thanks!

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