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Burst packets kick



My players get 


2020-03-11 16:57:57.969 [Error] [Flood]: 31 Burst Packets [User: Spiklland | Player: Spiklland (Their IP)



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Attacks are 1000ms
And the archer class uses Speed as a form of attack, do you have any suggestions on what I can adjust in the config so I don't have any more rollbacks?





  "EventWatchdogKillThreshold": 5000,
  "ValidPasswordResetTimeMinutes": 30,
  "Security": {
    "PacketFlooding": {
      "FloodThreshholds": {
        "MaxPacketSize": 10240,
        "MaxPacketPerSec": 5,
        "KickAvgPacketPerSec": 3
      "EditorFloodThreshholds": {
        "MaxPacketSize": 2147483647,
        "MaxPacketPerSec": 2147483647,
        "KickAvgPacketPerSec": 2147483647
      "PlayerFloodThreshholds": {
        "MaxPacketSize": 10240,
        "MaxPacketPerSec": 35,
        "KickAvgPacketPerSec": 20


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