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[Tutorial] Unequip item


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Need to unequip an item in one of your events?

Even though we don't have an option to unequip items, there is an easy way around this.


Start by making empty items for every slot you need to unequip.




Whenever you need to unequip an item, you can:

1. Give invisible Item

2. Equip invisible Item

3. Take invisible Item



This way you can unequip any slot you want at any moment, without having to check what items are equipped, how many are in inventory etc...


(aditional steps might be required when the player has a full inventory)


In my case, when the player has a full inventory, I swap out the 'Player Journal' temporarely, because the journal is an item the player always has in his/her inventory.



extra steps when the player has a full inventory:




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